Monday, September 14, 2009

A ride with no particular place to go

Went for a ride with the girls the other day. We had no idea where we wanted to go but did not want to stay in the house. So we loaded up the car and set out to have breakfast. What a pleasant surprise to find that Friendly's has added some new items to their breakfast menu.
After breakfast we set out in search of a landmark that we had heard of but were not sure if it actually existed. It was a beautiful day in the mid 70s and sunny. we headed north on rt.1 and found ourselves in Newcastle. We took a little road that headed us north. Farm roads,beautiful old homes and some wild turkey grazing in a field made for a lovely ride.

After being on this back road for about 1/2 an hour we started to think that maybe this landmark was really only a rumor. As we started to think that maybe we should turn around before we ended up in Lewiston. We found it. It was magnificent. Everything that we had imagined that it would be. Cowsh*t Corner. There it was tall, proud and smelly. We had done it.

After taking in the beauty and breathing shallow so as to not pass out from the fumes, we headed south. We stumbled upon the river road.

Following the road all the way down to one of our favorite coastal towns and did the tourist thing. Great Fun!

After supporting the local economy we headed back home on rt.1. What a mistake that was. The traffic jam was 45 min to move one mile over the Wisscasset bridge. We should have known, after all it was Labor Day. So to give ourselves a treat and move about we stopped at a new crafting village.

We bought some blueberry soap and some Moxie jelly. We had a great time driving to nowhere and will do it again.
Try flipping a coin when you get to an intersection. Go right if it lands on heads and left if it lands on tails. I will be a great opportunity to see some new sights.

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