Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Highland Games at Tomas Point Beach Campground has been a favorite time for me and my family for many years. Men and women compete in their kilts to see who is the strongest. There are competitions in hammer throwing, Sheep toss and our favorite the caber toss. Where they balance a 20' pole weighing 102lbs. and throw it in an attempt to have it go over it's end and land at 12oclock on the other side.
There are lots of tents boasting of the family ties to Scotland and much music and dancing. A lot of vendors set up stores of Scottish themed items and the food vendors are a definite reason for me being their. I like the sweet potato fried rings.
Next year they plan to move the entire festival to the Topsham Fair Grounds. I hope it will be OK. I really enjoy the Tomas Point Campground location. Well a good time was had and a lot of people attended.

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