Saturday, November 5, 2011

Thalheimer Trail Orr's Island

A farm road and woods trails offer a variety of walking options to experience.
118 acre property, operated by Bowdoin College as its Coastal Studies Center, makes up
the entire peninsula between Long Cove and Harpswell Sound. This is an active research
and residence facility. Please stay on designated paths and follow all regulations. Trail
maps available at the parking area.
Enjoy this short video of one of the trails and beach area.

 Some of the trails can be a little wet so bring along some good boots or go during the summer when the land is more dry. I walked the trail on the left of the road that leads down to the bar island. The woods were beautiful, dark and green. the smell of fall was in the air and the views going down to the shore were amazing. I spotted a bald eagle when I reached the edge of the shore line. I had my video running and caught glimpses of him.You can see him in the Middle left hand side of the picture below.  

I climbed down to the beach and it was wonderful.Tthe bar to the island was exposed and I walked about half way across. A great spot for pictures.

You can walk the shore for some time or cross over to the island. Just be aware of the tide. There are few places to get back up from the shore and it takes a little effort. So bare that in mind. The walk back up was nice but a little difficult to find the path. It was fall and the leaves had covered the trail. The trails are also not marked as well as I would like them to be. But you are on a small peninsula and so getting lost would not be easy.

I Give this trail 5 stars for it's beauty and 3 stars for its walk ability. Have fun. :)

Directions: Take a right off Route 24 approximately 1.7 mile south of the Orr’s Island bridge
onto Bayview Road. Follow the road to the end --- about 1 mile --- to reach the farm. Park in
the designated spaces (limited parking) on the right & left on the edge of the property. Do
not drive past the parking area into the farm. No camping and no groups larger than 10

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Devils Back Trail

The Devils Back Trail
is located on Orr's Island in the town of Harpswell. A fun easy trail with deep woods full of moss and fields of ferns. Beautiful ocean views from atop the ridge and sweeping vistas as you approach the waters of the sound. While at the waters edge we enjoyed a beautiful sailboat anchored in safe harbor. Well marked and groomed trails make this a comfortable stroll for people of all ages. The trail has some nice wooden bridges that take you across  the few wet spots on the trail, adding character to this special place.
Please enjoy this video of our walk on The Devil's Back Trail.

To Help you find this great trail and the others discribed on this site please use our interactive Map

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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Lands End Bailey Island Maine

Lands End is a fantastic place to see Maine and its many faces. You may be looking for the rugged Maine coast with cliffs and granite rocks jetting to the edge of the sea. You may be looking for a beautiful sand beach to stroll along and enjoy the sounds of the sea. Walking paths with vistas that will take your breath away. You can watch the lobster men pulling their traps or view the brightly colored spinnakers of sailing vessels as they glide past the tip of the Island.

A bronze statue of the fisherman of the sea makes for a great picture opportunity for you.

Before or after your time on the point of Lands End, don't forget to visit the gift shop. One of the largest on the coast of Maine. The Lands End Gift Shop has great Maine gifts as well as local artisan crafts and pictures.

For a wonderful day on the Maine Coast drive on down to Lands End on beautiful Bailey Island

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Long Reach Trail In Harpswell, Maine

The Long Reach Trail in Harpswell  starts at the ball field on rt 24. A medium hard walking trail with some steep banks leading down to the water. You are first introduced to the beautiful deep woods of Harpswell and slowly descend to the fabulous bogs that are abundant with beautiful plant life. Walking up out of the bogs on well made wooden walkways you are suddenly in a the deep woods again. Lush and green with some very interesting wild growth. There are sturdy stone walls along the path marking boundaries of times gone by. You start to ascend  the hill that creates the eastern wall of the water inlet separating the Cliff trail and the Long Reach Trail. The decent is a bit steep and the leaf cover made it a bit slippery and hard to see the trail, so where good gripping footwear and go slow. Once down to the bottom of the hill you have great views of the inlet and cliffs. We were there at low tide and saw clams being dug up near the island in the middle of the inlet. The path travels along the inlet for a ways and is a great spot to relax and enjoy the beauty of the spot. Now traveling up away from the inlet you are treated to some of the most wonderful plant life and rock formations existing side by side or intertwining in harmony. Up and down a few small hills and down to another bog. White cotton like plants filled this bog and contrasted the lush green surrounding it. It was a marvelous sight. On the other side we met up with the loop again and made our way back  to the ball field. I love this trail with it's many different features. I do need to warn you that it is a bit strenuous and the trail is in need of remarking. All in All I give this trail a B+.


Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Cliff Trail In Harpswell

The Cliff Trail in Harpswell is located just behind the town office on the Mountain Road. It is a trail of wonder that seems almost out of place on this stretch of land. You can park behind the town office and start your hike down a well kept picture perfect tidal inlet. The path goes in and out with the shore.The woods are deep and green with moss covering the fallen branches and stumps that are scattered along the way. As you go your way into the woods and leave the inlet behind a new world is revealed with large old pine trees towering overhead, allowing just a glimmer of light in. Ferns and reindeer moss cover the floor of this forgotten retreat. The trail is well marked with both white and yellow markers representing the two separate trails. My father in law, my dog ( ladybug )and I continued initially along the white marker trail. Up and down along a series of small hills and valleys till we came to a sign that stated we had truly entered a magical place. The sign said Fairy House Trail. In the deepest part of the wooded trail, if you looked carefully, were a large number of fairy houses that were constructed of various types of material. Wooden sticks, birch bark, moss, and even a fairy house with a stone roof. It was truly a magical sight to behold. I would have been satisfied with the walk if that had been the end of our trail but we had just begun to find the hidden treasures that were in store for us. We came upon the sign for the Cliff Trail loop and started our ascent to this magnificent overlook. Breathtaking views that can only be compared to some of the overlooks at Acadia National park. What a sight. The edge is very steep so you need to be careful and to keep your dog leached for their own protection. The trail followed this incredible stretch of cliffs for a good while and there were many places for resting and reflecting on the beauty of the place we live. From there we were led  back into the woods with it's many wondrous sights that only the most preserved northeastern woods can provide to the hiker. I found it amazing that we were only minutes form the town office and the cross road we call mountain. The trail is well kept and fairly ease to walk. The two trails are about a total of 3 miles and can be done easily in a couple of hours. A must walk when in the Maine Mid Coast Area.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Skolfield Shore Trail in Harpswell, Maine

Located on Rt.123 the Skolfield Shore Trail is a true treasure of the Mid Coast Maine Region. Maintained by the Harpswell Heritage Trust and loved by the local community. The trail has a little of everything. Deep woods with ferns and mushrooms to open fields with tall grass swaying with the gentle breeze to water front with breath taking views of the outer islands. The path is easy walking and has a lot of great features to it. Hand carved benches are located at beautiful overlooks. Rustic wooden bridges cross over steep banked valleys. The path is well marked and maintained. Wildlife abounds on the trail. Song birds, chipmunks and other native land animals make their home here. I would have to give this path an A for its ease to walk, combination of environments and beautiful views. I want to also thank the Harpswell Heritage Land Trust for maintaining this property so well.A Video Tour