Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Long Reach Trail In Harpswell, Maine

The Long Reach Trail in Harpswell  starts at the ball field on rt 24. A medium hard walking trail with some steep banks leading down to the water. You are first introduced to the beautiful deep woods of Harpswell and slowly descend to the fabulous bogs that are abundant with beautiful plant life. Walking up out of the bogs on well made wooden walkways you are suddenly in a the deep woods again. Lush and green with some very interesting wild growth. There are sturdy stone walls along the path marking boundaries of times gone by. You start to ascend  the hill that creates the eastern wall of the water inlet separating the Cliff trail and the Long Reach Trail. The decent is a bit steep and the leaf cover made it a bit slippery and hard to see the trail, so where good gripping footwear and go slow. Once down to the bottom of the hill you have great views of the inlet and cliffs. We were there at low tide and saw clams being dug up near the island in the middle of the inlet. The path travels along the inlet for a ways and is a great spot to relax and enjoy the beauty of the spot. Now traveling up away from the inlet you are treated to some of the most wonderful plant life and rock formations existing side by side or intertwining in harmony. Up and down a few small hills and down to another bog. White cotton like plants filled this bog and contrasted the lush green surrounding it. It was a marvelous sight. On the other side we met up with the loop again and made our way back  to the ball field. I love this trail with it's many different features. I do need to warn you that it is a bit strenuous and the trail is in need of remarking. All in All I give this trail a B+.



  1. Hi there, I found your blog through Cooks facebook page! I am looking forward to hiking these trails! Thank you for sharing your knowledge about the area trails with us! ~Rae

  2. Hi, we geo-cached on that trail last Friday. Lost of mosquitoes, but we found the cache and had a fast walk back to the car. Thank you for the adventure!!